Hamilton Tradition Marking Gauge

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Hamilton Traditional Marking Gauge


Our Traditional Marking Gauge is effectively a smaller version of our Panel Gauge. The 8” long beam and generous fence measuring 4” by 2.5” means that the Traditional Marking Gauge is perfectly sized for laying out joinery and component dimensions for furniture making, lutherie, and larger scale work such as workbench building. The head is sized to comfortably fit in one hand, while the beam offers sufficient reach to allow for versatile use.


The Traditional Marking Gauge uses the same unique clamping arrangement as the Panel Gauge, to ensure that the head locks tight on the beam even after years of use. Many marking gauges rely on a screw or knob holding the head in place on the beam, and over time this fixing will wear areas of the beam, meaning that the marking gauge slips while in use. Our Traditional Marking Gauge avoids this common problem through two innovations. First, the underside of the beam is shaped to match a radius on the corresponding face of the mortise in the head. Secondly, the clamping mechanism grips the beam on two adjacent surfaces, holding it tight against the opposite corner of the mortise for reliable setting every time.


The Traditional Marking Gauge is available in a range of hardwoods, and comes with a brass wear strip on the face of the head. The beam has a removable thumbnail shaped cutter for crisp layout lines, and the other end is drilled to accept a pencil for layout in rough timber. This is a rugged yet precise tool that will last a lifetime.

 The exotic woods are priced based on material cost. 

As of January 2, 2017 the entire Genus of Dalbergia (Rosewood) and all Buginga's are now on the CITES II list of endangered species. What does this mean for my customers? All domestic sales of rosewood will continue as usual. All International orders of rosewood and Bubinga gauges will cease.

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