Hamilton Panel gauge

The panel gauge is used to layout large panels, doors or any line further from the edge than a marking gauge can reach. The Hamilton Panel Gauge features an 8 inch fence that has a 1/2" step with inlaid brass wear strip.  It also has a positive lock clamping mechanism that keeps the bar from moving in any direction. The beam measures 28" long, has a brass wear plate and a very sharp blade with a finger nail grind to help keep the line straight and true. The beam also features a hole on the opposite end for holding  a pencil to lay out lines on rough stock.
If there is a species of wood that you are interested in or a special beam length please give me a call or send an email. 
The panel gauge is hand crafted to order and current lead time is 6 to 8 weeks.
As of January 2, 2017 the entire Genus of Dalbergia (Rosewood) and all Buginga's are now on the CITES II list of endangered species. What does this mean for my customers? All domestic sales of rosewood will continue as usual. All International orders of rosewood and Bubinga gauges will cease.
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Height 3.00
Weight 3.00 LBS
Depth 29.00
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Very appreciative

Too many times I've ordered a tool that looked and sounded beautiful in a website's photo and description, only to be disappointed by the actual quality. Today, Jeff Hamilton of Hamilton Woodworks made up for all those times. I already have had the pleasure of using two fine marking gauges by Hamilton Woodworks in my shop, one of each size, so when I ordered the panel gauge, I expected an exceptional tool. The tool arrived today and surprised me by exceeding my expectations. This panel gauge takes it place among the most beautifully made hand tools in my shop. It's carefully shaped of well selected and gorgeously grained wood, well fitted together, exquisitely finished, and very robust. I'll be using and cherishing this tool for the rest of my life, and I'm sure it will be passed along for generations more. Those of us who don't live near Hamilton Toolworks don't have the good fortune of being able to handle these tools before we order them. If you're in this situation, please allow me be your hands: if you appreciate fine tools as I do, once you've held one of these tools, you'll give it a special place in your shop and you'll look for excuses to use it.
Posted by Toshen Golias, 22nd Apr 2011