6" Curly Maple Marking Gauge


Curly  Maple, also known as Figured Maple, makes a beautiful and durable tool. We use only the highest quality and figured stock for these gauges. A hand rubbed oil/varnish finish is used to bring out the 'figure'. 

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Height 1.50
Weight 0.50 LBS
Depth 6.00


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4'' marking gauge

The most beautiful and excellent hand tool I have bought. They did a great job. I will be buying more tools from him. Great work!!! If you buy you will not be disappointed.
Posted by Mike Matthews, 12th Feb 2017

Outstanding tool

I purchased this Hamilton gauge (my second) to replace a Tite-mark gauge. While the Tite-mark has a micro-adjustment feature that can be very handy, I nevertheless found the Hamilton gauge to be far superior, primarily due to the fact that the beam, once fixed in position, does not move, which to me is fundamental to the operation of a marking gauge. Maybe it was just me, but I often found that the brass knobs on the Tite-mark had loosened up and the blade had unexpectedly shifted in or out. Very frustrating. The Hamilton gauges operate very smoothly, and can create a much deeper line than the Tite-mark. As for the micro-adjustment feature on the Tite-mark, the position of the brass knurled knob needs to be fiddled with occasionally for it to work. Also very frustrating when all I want to do is quickly mark a line. The Hamilton gauges do the one task they are designed for very, very well and I am very happy with them.
Posted by mark, 25th Mar 2015

Not only looks good...

The craftsmanship on this tool is outstanding! But the best thing is the tool works perfectly. My biggest problem was choosing the wood I wanted.
Posted by John Mahoney, 3rd Sep 2014