6" Cherry Marking Gauge


Wild Black Cherry - this is the wood we used for our first gauge. It is our top seller by far. The finish is attained by ammonia fuming and a hand rubbed oil/varnish which brings out the beautiful grain patterns from quarter sawn to flat sawn lumber. The darkening of aged cherry makes this tool more beautiful everyday. 

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Height 1.50
Weight 0.50 LBS
Depth 6.00


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Cherry 6" marking gauge

I've been using a cheap marking gauge and felt it was time to invest in a quality gauge. This gauge is exquisite. The craftsmanship is superb. My lines were crisp and clean, not jagged. I am so glad I invested in this marking gauge!
Posted by Robert Grabler, 8th Feb 2018

6” Cherry marker

The quality of this product is even greater than the photos show. I am very pleased to own it.
Posted by Ronald Edilson, 31st Jan 2018

Elegant Craftsmanship

Purchased this as a gift and will be getting another for myself. Obviously made with pride and attention to detail.
Posted by Ethan, 7th Dec 2017

6" Cherry

I order this items because I wanted the best and a quality tool. I'm attending the journey class at Marc Adams with Marc Adams and he recommend this tool!
Posted by Sherry, 16th Oct 2017

6" Cherry Marking Gauge

I love this guage. It is made with amazing craft, and is a work of art in itself. I bought this after cutting myself with a veritas wheel type guage and I find this one so much safer and easier to control. I never seem to need anything marked over six inches for joinery, but now I'm eying a panel guage.
Posted by Aaron, 23rd Aug 2017

Great Product - True Craftsmanship

I purchased this marking gage, as I needed one for Marc Adam's Joinery Class and this is what he recommended. When I got it in the mail, I was surprised just how truly great the craftsmanship is on this. I would definitely recommend this, as it will be something you can proudly pass down to future generations of woodworkers.
Posted by Jeremy Sova, 9th Apr 2017

Graceful and functional tool

This tool is not only a beautiful work of art but it is very well made and functions perfectly. I have used it on hard maple and black walnut and it cut clean, crisp lines without a lot of effort. I bought the one in cherry, and now I'm considering getting one in African Blackwood just for the joy of owning one of these fine tools. Worth every penny you will spend.
Posted by Chuck Brack, 4th Apr 2016

Beauty unites with function

This is a lovely tool: right from the box, it cut a deep, clean, straight, clear line in a tricky piece of tiger maple. It fits the hand well, is elegantly designed, and its wide but shallow fence makes it simple to mark a piece resting on -- not hanging over -- the bench. Its blade is cambered and beveled, and those extra touches making it cut really smoothly in both directions, and with and across the grain. I'm a lefty, and the tool is working perfectly for me -- that's not always the case! And doing business with Jeff has been a pleasure too. He sent courteous, prompt notes to let me know of the status of the order, and added a handwritten wish that I'd like the tool on the order slip. Everything about my first experience with Hamilton tools has been rewarding. I hope this artisan flourishes!
Posted by Sue TR, 14th Feb 2015

Excellent Quality Tool

Not only is the 6" cherry gauge beautiful, it fits your hand perfectly and cuts clean and smooth with and across grain. I saw this tool at the 2011 WIA and glad I did.
Posted by Rick Lasita, 4th Oct 2011