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4" marking gauge

Our 4" gauge features a 3" wide fence, with inlaid brass wear strip,  that provides lots of stability. The fence is very shallow extending just 3/8" below the blade. This allows the user to layout lines on the bench surface.

The 4" beam is attached to the base with a sliding dovetail joint. This gives the beam more surface area to help keep the beam and base square. The bar has a brass block that is tapped for a #6 binding screw that holds the blade firmly on the end of the beam.

The knife is where the success of this gauge rides. The blade is made of 1095 spring steel, hardened and then cryo-treated to a rockwell hardness of 62-63. This helpes to retain the edge through many layout lines before honing is required. All blades are laser cut to size and then shaped by hand. After shaping the blades are finished on an 8000 grit japanese water stone.

All gauges are made to order. If you have a special request or need your gauge ASAP please let 

me know by phone call or by email.